Repairs to the vehicle or a component following an accident, breakdown or incident including sourcing parts, liaising with insurance company and providing professional advice and support.


Breakdowns are always stressful but we can assist you and your vehicle onsite, at home or work, on your driveway or at your storage facility to get you back on the road and ready for your next destination.


Regular servicing of the vehicle, working components and habitation not only helps prevent the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs but can be a strict requirement of your insurance policy or loan company.


From a new battery to component upgrades or new systems, we can be there to ensure everything is installed and working correctly without compromising electrics or any other part of the vehicle.


Raemor Services has extensive experience and professional training in every aspect of your vehicle’s mechanical operation and components, whether it’s a repair, breakdown, or servicing requirements.


Locating electrical faults can be extremely difficult (even risky) but with our expert knowledge and testing we can often find the source of the problem quickly and deal with it effectively.


Call on our professional advice and trade contracts when considering an upgrade or new accessories or replacement parts including solar energy, entertainment, WiFi, GPS, aircon or anything else.


We can also be there to assist with any projects, restorations or custom builds to give you the benefit of our advice and be there any time you need us to assist with installations, testing and repairs.